Rent a holiday cottage for Christmas in Cornwall

Many families try to get together to celebrate Christmas in one large cottage in Cornwall where they can have Christmas lunch around one table. Should you plan to be in Cornwall over Christmas, children may just appreciate a trip on a 'Santa train' where they can meet Father Christmas.


Bodmin and Wenford Railways

If you are planning a winter break during December in North Cornwall with children a must is a steam train trip with Santa. The trip takes an hour starting at Bodmin General running through beautiful Cornish countryside. Run by Bodmin and Wenford Railways the dates for 2009 are 5,6,12,13,19, 20,23,24 December.

holiday cottages to rent for christmas in cornwallFamily get-together's in a large holiday cottage in Cornwall

Most modern families simply do not have the space in their homes to all meet together for Christmas and a rented holiday cottage is the answer. Large holiday cottages should be ready decorated for you for Christmas and have a Christmas tree so that all you have to do is to arrive with your Christmas presents and Christmas food.

The quantity and standard of crockery and utensils varies widely from one cottage to another depending on the standard of accommodation. A 5 star holiday cottage in Cornwall will have a higher standard of everything than a basic 2 star cottage. You may of course bring your own favourite Christmas dishes with you. One can never have enough small dishes for sweets, treats and fruit.

It is recommended that you make a list of the items that you will require for your table and meal preparation. Check that there is a baking tin large enough to cook a turkey and remember tin foil and anything of a similar ilk. Holiday cottages are equipped for holidays and not for full scale parties.