Holiday Cottages in Cornwall - Cornwall - the summer holiday capital of England
Items to take on holiday to Cornwall for your cottage stay


Once you have booked your holiday cottage in Cornwall, it is useful to make a list of the items that you will need to take.  A holiday cottage provides a welcome place to return to when not sunbathing on a beach, visiting gardens or sightseeing. The following suggestions may just make your self-catering holiday a little better than it might have been otherwise.


Which items should you  take on holiday to Cornwall?

We are not talking about the usual things you pack like clothes, sun screen, and other essentials but the items that you may wish you had taken once you get there.


be prepared on holiday in cornwallThe Atlantic coast is windy and Cornish beaches on the Atlantic coast are therefore very good for surfing. If you want to sunbathe or quietly read on the beach you may wish that you brought a windbreak to create your own sun trap.

It also provides a modesty barrier when changing into your swimsuit.



Suitable footwear

secluded beaches in cornwallSome of those fabulous sheltered sandy coves in Cornwall can only be accessed by climbing down a cliff path or steep hillside. It is best to bring footwear suitable for walking so that you do not break anything by attempting to climb steep slopes in flip-flops! The long grass on moors such as Bodmin, where you might want to visit wild ponies, also requires sensible footwear. A lack of appropriate footwaer will limit the things that you can do.

Visitors to Land's End also require good walking shoes. The coastal path and cliff tops are littered with rocks and boulders that are easy to stumble over.




It is wise to pack water and basic essential for days out in remote places. Take a mobile phone so that you can phone for help in case of emergency.

Large beach towel

Changing facilities are not always available on small secluded beaches. A large beach towel will help preserve your modesty.

Ordnance survey map

Most of us have GPS systems but unfortunately they do not always differentiate between C class roads and nigh on impossible narrow lanes that are just the width of a car and no more. Trust me, I have driven a couple of miles down a single vehicle wide country lane, praying that we do not encounter a car travelling in the opposite direction! An ordnance survey map may just help you get out of a dilemma that your GPS system got you into.


The good thing about staying in a rented cottage in Cornwall is the extra space that you will have for storing all these holiday items.